Glasgow to co-host Beaver Creek cleanup event

Glasgow is working with a company that promotes the outdoors in Kentucky to make a three-mile stretch of Beaver Creek that flows through the city more viable for paddlesports enthusiasts.

The city wants to create the Beaver Creek Blueway Trail, which would be a marked route along the waterway for recreational paddling, according to April Russell of the city’s Department of Public Works.

Russell said Mayor Dick Doty became interested in establishing the creek as a marked blueway after a few citizens approached him about the possibility of making Beaver Creek more accessible for kayakers.

“Several of them approached him about cleaning it out, so it was more approachable and an easier trail to take,” she said.

Russell said there are a number of large obstructions in the stretch of Beaver Creek between Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5906 on North Jackson Highway and Beaver Creek Park that make paddling difficult.

Russell said clearing the creek of obstructions and installing signs to make wayfinding easier would make it an appealing attraction for paddlers. “(On a) Sunday afternoon, they can take the family out to the creek and paddle and have a nice afternoon,” she said.

At 9 a.m. May 19, representatives of the city of Glasgow and the Explore Kentucky Initiative will host a stream corridor cleanup. Community members are invited to help tidy the section of the stream between the VFW post and Beaver Creek Park.

Explore Kentucky Initiative Director Gerry James said anyone interested should register at beaver

“It has good flow, there’s ripples, there’s scenery.” he said. “The farmland is gorgeous.”

There are some notable obstructions in the creek that need to be removed, including log jams and discarded lengths of rebar, James said.

When the creek’s obstructions are cleared, the next phase of the project will involve installing signs along the banks of the creek, as well as a few information kiosks, he said.

“The benefit of having a blueway trail is that you can jump in it and know where you’re going,” he said.

James said the term blueway denotes an official trail in a waterway. The Beaver Creek Blueway Trail would be unaffiliated with the Great Outdoors Rivers Initiative, which designates certain river trails as blueways.

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Doty said he would like to see a convenient spot for paddling in Glasgow so people don’t feel like they have to go out of town to paddle.

“There’s not a real good place in town for that so we wanted something that was easy and quick,” he said.

“We want to develop this thing 27 miles all the way to the lake,” he said.

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