Loved Visiting Beaver Creek Colorado For A Weekend Getaway

I wanted to take my wife somewhere for the weekend. It had been a few months since we had got to do anything together because of our work schedules. A friend of mine told me that I should check out Beaver Creek Colorado because it was really nice. He said that him and his wife had recently visited and it was a really nice place to visit.

After talking to him about it, I went online and looked for Beaver Creek weekend getaways. I really didn’t care what it would cost to go, because I knew my wife would enjoy going somewhere and that was all that mattered. I found a really nice cabin rental in Beaver Creek that also had a hot tub with it. I decided to go ahead and make reservations for that cabin. I wanted to surprise my wife so I didn’t tell her that I made the reservations, I just told her not to make plans for the weekend. She was really excited even though she didn’t know what we were going to be doing. I knew she would just love to getaway from the same old everyday stuff and would really like where we were going.

The weekend arrived to go to Beaver Creek. We drove to the cabin and she was so happy when we arrived. The cabin was really nice and the hot tub was nice too. She said she needed this break and she really appreciated the thoughtfulness of me making these reservations for us.

We had a great time staying there and enjoyed our weekend away from home. We both want to go back at some point and visit again for another weekend getaway. I made sure to tell my friend that told me about it thank you and what a great time we had.